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Our vision is to create evangelists who would propagate knowledge and insights of Data Science among the student community as well as outside of it. The society envisions to showcase GIM as the vanguard institute for the Data Science in the country and possibly beyond it.


Our mission is to align students knowledge with latest Data Science technologies. Parigyan would act as a catalyst between the student fraternity and different competitive platforms to showcase their analytics acumen. As a society, we strive to bring students and industry experts on a common platform through industry conclaves, conferences and discussion forums in various areas like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Visualization and much more.


1. Coalesce: The Annual Data Science Summit which includes data talks, debates, datathon, dashboard competition and open forum discussions by industry professionals and academicians. Students will be able to gain a lot of knowledge about industries as well as practices about industry and Data Science.

2. Pratyaksh: The Data Visualization/Infographics/Dashboard creation competitions to get a hands-on real-life problem faced by the industry. It showcases data-driven artistic skills and helps in turning data into real results.

3. Buzz Café: Panel Discussion with the people engaged in the Data Science, Data mining, Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, Deep learning field which will help to enlighten people about the current happenings in these fields.


4.  Crypto:  Real-time industry problem is given to participants in a team of 2-3 members each. Each team analyses the data in their own way and can use software/tool/programming language of their choice. ML techniques like predictive/prescriptive analytics or clustering/regression/forecasting etc. are used to arrive at conclusion




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